Our office was established with the mission of providing cross-cutting support, with a professional mindset in legal procedures, related to companies and corporations by professionals who have worked over many years at one of the leading law firms in Japan and legal department of company.  We are willing to contribute to the protection of the rights of companies and corporations and the people, and to thereby contribute to the formation of a free and fair society.

Our Services

Most traditional judicial scrivener firms are mainly engaged in settlement of real estate transactions, or provide legal services for citizens, such as inheritance and guardianship.

However, there are few firms that position legal procedures for corporate registration as their main business, even in urban areas such as Tokyo. Therefore, it is difficult to find a suitable specialist for corporate legal affairs.

We aim to be a firm that can handle not only registration procedures, but also related laws and regulations such as the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Antimonopoly Act. We are able to handle the legal procedures necessary for companies and corporations, in cooperation with lawyers and other specialists specializing in corporate legal affairs.

Representative Manager of the Office
Judicial Scrivener / Administrative Scrivener

Graduated from Meiji University Meiji High School and Meiji University Faculty of Law, Department of Law.

After working at Nagashima, Ohno & Tsunematsu (Law firm, corporate paralegal), GLP Japan Inc. (Legal Compliance Department), and Iwata Godo (Law firm, paralegal), OKAMOTO established the office.

Since the enactment of the Companies Act in Japan in 2006, OKAMOTO has been involved in various matters at the request of Japanese companies and global companies, such as incorporation of corporations or organizations, general meetings of shareholders, M&A, intra-group restructuring, antitrust law-related matters, securitization of assets using special-purpose companies, registration procedures and notification to public offices related to financial instruments businesses, investment corporations (REITs), etc.