Practice Areas

We mainly handle the following legal administrative procedures.

Commercial registration
Filing registration, preparation of documents related to companies and organizations, and consultation services related to registration procedures

Incorporation of a company or organization
Support registration procedures and business operations related to incorporation

Support for small and medium enterprises and venture companies
Various support and agency services in accordance with the stage of corporations

Procedures for Japan branch of foreign corporations
Registration procedures, licensing procedures, preparation of documents related to Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA), and VISA, etc.

Application for permits and licenses, etc.
Support for procedures for obtaining, renewing, and changing various permits and licenses.

Real estate registration, etc.
Filing an application for registration procedures related to real estate and preparation of documents related to real estate, as well as consultation services.

Agent Business concerning Litigation
Litigation, demand for payment, civil preservation, civil conciliation, etc., in summary courts, which are under the jurisdiction of the summary courts.