Procedures for Japan branch of foreign corporations

When a foreign corporation establishes a Japan corporation or invests in it, various prior notifications and post-facto reports based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA) may be required. In addition, VISA application for emproyees may also be required.
We provide preparation of documents or consultation service related to registration procedures licensing procedures, FEFTA, and VISA, etc.
We can also prepare documents in both Japanese and English.

Registration Procedures

  • Various registration procedures for Japan branch (Kabushiki-Kaisha (joint-stock companies), Godo-Kaisha (limited liability companies) , Japan branch of foreign companies, etc.) (e.g., incorporation, change of officers, etc.)
  • Preparation of procedural documents required under the Companies Act

Procedures related to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act

  • Preparation of documents related to prior notification and post-reporting on inward direct investment, etc.
  • Preparation of reporting documents related to capital transactions
  • Preparation of reporting documents on inward direct investment, etc.
  • Preparation of reports on payments or receipt of payments, etc.

VISA Application

  • Representation in application for issuance of certificate of eligibility

Authentication of Private Documents

  • Notarization of private documents for use in a foreign country
  • Assistance in obtaining an affidavit / sworn statement
  • Obtaining official seal confirmation, apostille certification, etc.