Story of “Sigri”

Sigri” is a word that was coined by our firm’s president, when he decided to pursue a career in the professional world.

The Chinese character for “Si” means “judicial officer” – to act as a judicial officer, and it expresses our desire to contribute to our clients and to society by ensuring that we fulfill our assigned roles.

“Gri” stands for chestnuts. Chestnuts are often used to be a building material that is hard, heavy, and resistant to decay. We adopted this name in the hope of creating a solid office.

As you all know, the traditional style of professional firm names is “first name (or surname) + office”. However, our firm does not aim to be a traditional style firm that follows precedent, but rather a firm with a style that is suited to the modern age, which can flexibly respond to the changing times of society while exercising creativity.

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